2017 Corporate Catering Solutions

What do we offer...

Fresh and approachable

What's new...

A new year sees a new menu

Usually a new menu arrives with a change of season, this year we are trying something new and dropping a new menu early. Hey....it's gotta be better than late!

Interesting, fresh and approachable menus to please and nourish your guests. We like to call it user friendly food. We provide menus that your guests will understand and come back asking for more. Service with passion and a really good attitude.

Feedback from a global bank

(Client) A quick note to say thank you to you and the team for catering last night’s event.  I have had feedback this morning from our Chairman, our CEO and some of the other attendees and all said the food and service was exceptional.  They also said the waiting staff were professional, courteous and knew when to step back – really impressive.  You never let us down and always maintain a high standard, which is what we expect and like so much about Corporate Catering